Payment Requirements:

Deposit - Payable within seven days to confirm your booking (River Wren requires $300 deposit)


Final Payment:

Due six weeks in advance of your trip when possible.


Methods of payment accepted:

Visa, Mastercard, Cheque, Money Order, Direct Deposit, Cash.



Cash payable on boarding, refunded by mail, less fuel costs, when boat is returned on time and in good order and condition.  Damage and loss will be charged, at cost.

Bond $300 for River Wren.


General Conditions of Hire:

  • The person responsible for the hire of the craft must present a current car or boat license, and must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Instructions will be given in handling the craft.

  • The number of people on board must not exceed survey permit, by Maritime Regulations.

  • Crews of ‘all male’ or ‘all female’ passengers are not permitted.

  • The boat must not be driven at night.

  • No pets, firearms, axes, trail bikes or fuel in containers.

  • The Owner reserves the right to refuse any person or persons the use of the craft.

  • The hirer accepts responsibility for the safety and care of the houseboat including fittings, fixtures and accessories.


The houseboat is insured, however and excess of $500 (River Wren) is levied on each insurance claim made. Separate accidents are treated by the insurer as separate claims: charges made for insurance excesses are therefore cumulative and are the responsibility of the hirer. Provided the conditions of the hire agreement are fulfilled and subject to the insurance company’s assessment, the limit of the hirer’s liability is the insurance excess.

River Wren Houseboats - at Riverglen Marina

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